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Flan GAPS or Crème Caramel

Sunday 15 th September 2013

Flan is one of the more delicious deserts allowed in the GAPS diet. It’s very easy to do but baking takes very long time.
With the same ingredients it’s possible to do both creme caramel and a vanilla cream only by changing the amount of water and the temperature of the oven.
With egg whites you can make a delicious mousse.

gluten-free, dairy-free, nuts-free, Full GAPS diet


Ingredients (for 3 flans)

9 small eggs, or 8 medium eggs or 7 big eggs
220 ml water
80 gr liquid honey
1 vanilla bean or 1 pinch of vanilla powder


1.- Pre-heat the oven to 160ºC.

2.- Heat a little bit water and dilute honey.

3.- If you have a vanilla bean, leave it soak in hot water with honey during some minutes.

4.- While the beans are soaking, separate egg yolks and whites. Keep whites in the fridge to make other deserts.

5.- Cover the molds for flan with a little bit of dark honey (flowers honey for example) with a cooking pencil. It will be the caramel.

6.- Open the beans, scrape the vanilla inside and put into the water with honey. Otherwise, just sprinkle some vanilla powder inside.

7.- Add egg yolks into the liquid.

8.- Pour in the flan molds. Bake in “bain-marie” or water bath for 1 hour at 160ºC.

9.- When they are ready, take them out of the oven and leave cool down. Keep in the fridge.


To get a vanilla cream just baked at 150ºC during 45 minutes, and put 20ml more of water.

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