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Stuffed eggs

Monday 25 th November 2013

Stuffed eggs are very nutritious. They are highly rich in omega 3 fatty acids and contains full of vitamins A, B, D, E, K, healthy cholesterol, ready to be absorbed proteins, and several minerals.

gluten-free, dairy-free, nuts-free, full GAPS diet



6 eggs
1 large piece of salmon or 2 thins of mackerel or tuna
mayonnaise sauce


Boil eggs (about 15 minutes) and steam salmon (about 10 minutes)
Leave them cool down. For eggs, you can add cold water.
Peel eggs and cut them in half.
Take the yolks out of egg and reserve in a bowl. Smash yolks in small pieces.
Flake fish into small crumbs and mix to the yolks.
Add some mayonnaise to the mixture of fish and yolks.
Put the mixture into the egg whites hole.
Cover with a decoration made of mayonnaise or home-made ketchup and optionally some olives or persil, pepper, smoked salmon, etc.


You can add some more ingredients: pumpkin or other vegetables, chopped meat, bacon, etc.

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