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Raw Brownie

Friday 14 th March 2014

This brownie tastes very good and it’s healthy. There isn’t any sugar, there’s just dates as sweetener, and instead of cacao powder you can use carob powder or a mixture of both of them. And even more, the fans of raw will enjoy it.

It’s not GAPS diet compatible, but for people that has been on full GAPS diet for quite a long time and already feels good, can also have it from time to time.

gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, sugar-free, raw, cake



200 gr walnuts
120 gr almonds
400 gr pitted dattes (without pits)
70 gr cacao powder or cacao-carob powder
1 pinch of salt


Blend nuts and almonds until you get a nut flour.
Soak dates overnight. Blend dates to get a puree. Mix with nuts.
Add cacao and/or carob and salt. Mix all together.
The mixture must stick together but it mustn’t stick on your fingers.
Place the mixture in a rectangular mold and leave in the fridge for some hours.
Keep in the fridge.


1.- If you used a date purée or you didn't soaked the dates, then the mixture is too dry. You can add 2 tablespoons of melted coconut butter and mix again.

2.- Brownies use to be square shaped, but you can do muffins, cakes or any kind of shapes. You can also add a frosting on it, like fermented cream or some nut cream.

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