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Gelatin desserts

Wednesday 14 th January 2015

The procedure to make gelatin desserts and gelatin sweets is basically the same, it only change the mould where it’s fit. 
Children will enjoy this sweets and gelatins when there’s a special celebration or birthday parties, and avoid frustration for feeling different of the rest of children.

gluten-free, dairy-free, nuts-free, eggs-free, white sugar free, full GAPS diet



200 gr. gelatine
40 gr. honey
40 gr. fruit juice: lemon, orange, apple, strawberry, etc.


To get the gelatine from beef stock, you must proceed in the same way that rendering fat (click here for the recipe), but don’t add salt. The gelatine will remain in the inferior part of the stock when it’s cold. 
Warm all the ingredients in a saucepan over a low heat.
Let it cool down to room temperature.
Pour into moulds destined for sweets or gelatin.
Keep in the fridge for 24 hours minimum.

Sweets are quite difficult to unmould. You can froze them to make it easier.

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