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08/11/2013 - Sour cream
Making sour cream is basically the same process as making yogurt. The only difference is that it’s more difficult to find raw cream, so then pasteurized cream must be previously boiled, while raw cream just need to be heat to 40ºC. Making yogurt from pasteurized milk is the same process as pasteurized cream.
The advantage of sour cream versus plain cream is that fermentation process eliminates lactose, and also, you will get a probiotic product that is rich in lactobacilli, which help the development of a healthy gut flora.


20/06/2013 - Home-made yogurt and kefir
Yogurt and kefir are probiotic foods, therapeutic foods rich in lactobacilli that help the development of a healthy intestinal flora. But commercial yogurts have appreciable amount of lactose, for this reason it is not suitable for people with milk intolerance. But the homemade yogurt does not contain lactose  if the fermentation is well done and casein is pre-digested, so you can enjoy the milk. The condition is that milk should be both organic and raw!