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Pumpkin and apple cake

Sunday 13 th October 2013

When autumn comes all nature turns orange, leaves and fruits: squash, sweet potato, kakis, and a little bit later in winter, mandarines and oranges will arrive. So kitchen takes also an orange color. This is a recipe of an orange pumpkin and apple cake.

Squash is very useful in baking when there’s an intolerance to any cereal or starch. It allows to bake cakes very soft. I’ve added apple to sweeten a little bit more.

gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, Full GAPS diet

Ingredients (for a little cake):

3 eggs
225gr. pumpkin or other squash
100 ml honey
120 gr desodorized coconut butter or lard
140 gr. almond or coconut flour (depending on intolerances)
1 or 2 apples


Melt coconut butter.
Cut pumpkin and blend with butter and eggs.
Add honey and flour and mix again.
Grease a small cake mold. You can do a little layer of apples below the paste. Then pour the paste and add another layer of apples above. You can also cut apples in small squares and add them to the paste.
Cook for 50 minutes in an oven at 150ºC.


If you have white egg intolerance then you can put 4 egg yolks and the result will be also very good.
It can be made also savoury, without honey, just adding a pinch of salt, then it can be served as a starter.
The same recipe is good also to bake small muffins.

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