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How to succeed getting kids (and adults) eat lacto-fermented vegetables

Sunday 18 th May 2014

Lacto-fermented food is very important in order to recover the gut microbiome, read this article to know why. But lacto-fermented food, such as sauerkraut or lacto-fermented carrot, has a very strong sour taste that sometimes is not very well appreciated by kids and some adults, specially if they have a bacterial overgrowth at mouth. Beside the sour taste, also there are some people with sensitive teeth because a damaged enamel (read here a remedy).
Here you will find some tricks in order to make lacto-fermented food more tasty and succeed in eating such an important therapeutic food.

The main idea is mixing the sauerkraut or other lacto-fermented vegetable with something else that the person likes better.
Begin with a small amount of sauerkraut versus the other liked food, and slowly increase the proportion of the first one and reduce the second one.

1.- Apple Kraut:
Add some kind of fruit puree or compote or sauce to your sauerkraut: apple, pear, banana, strawberries and any kind of berries or fruits.
You can use also carrots or any other vegetable that the person enjoys.

2.- Meat balls, hamburgers and pancakes:
Chop any food together with sauerkraut. For example, with meat to make meat balls, meat hamburgers or meat pancakes.
Meat has to be previously cooked. Then chop meat and sauerkraut together with meat grease and gelatine (for example from a meat stock) in order to stick all together and make your balls, hamburgers or pancakes.
Be careful when you heat them because lactobacillus die at temperatures over 40ºC!

3.- Salads, soups:
Mix sauerkraut together with a salad or serve in a soup.
Be careful when adding in a soup, lactobacillus die at temperatures over 40ºC!

4.- Juices and smoothies:
Juice or blend sauerkraut together with your favorite vegetables and fruits, or just add a little bit of the sauerkraut juice to your juice/smoothie.

5.- Add sweetener:
Mix or blend sauerkraut together with some authorised sweetener. For example, if you are on a GAPS diet, use dates or honey.

6.- Traditional dishes with sauerkraut:
Make the traditional dishes where the sauerkraut is usually an ingredient, but just don’t heat it too much (don’t go over 40ºC!). Here you have some good recipes:

You can also try any other strategy that I suggested in this article to make kids eat vegetables.

In some time they will finally love sour taste.

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