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Identifying ripe fruit. 2nd part: Peach, nectarine and plums

Friday 8 th July 2016

In order to identify when a peach, nectarine or plum is ripe, you can follow the same guidelines that were described in the 1st part: slightly soft to the touch, pleasant smell and bright and attractive colour. But in the case of fruits that have very thin skin, another useful indication of ripeness is that they can be peeled easily with our hands.
Usually, people systematically use a knife to peel the skin of any kind of fruit. Some people eat fruit with skin, which I personally don’t advise, because of the different products - chemical pesticides in conventional crops and natural pesticides in ecologic ones - that are spayed on fruits, and because of the many anti-nutrients that are naturally present in the skin in order to protect the fruits from insects and funghi.
But the most natural way of eating fruit is by peeling with one’s hand and biting with one’s teeth. That way, you eat more slowly, so that it is better digested.
But the greatest advantage is that you avoid eating fruit that isn’t ripe. If you can’t peel the skin of a peach, nectarine or plum with your hands, it means that this fruit is not ripe yet.
Following this, you can see a video about how to peel a peach with your hands.


Enjoy the summer eating this so healthy food: fruit!

Thank you to my daughter Núria for showing us how to peel a peach with hands and for editing the video.

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